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2016 : 179M bottles sold for 2.76Mds€ Turnover

VS Very Special 3* The youngest eau de vie is at least 2 years

VSOP Reserve Very Superior Old Pale The youngest eau de vie is at least 4 years

NAPOLEON Tres Vieux At least 6 years

XO Hors d'Age At least 10 years sometimes centenary


Martell 42% marché Chine


Etude NATIXIS 2017 :

Hennessy 44.6% market in volume, 15.9% Martell, 15,7% Remy Martin, 9,8% Courvoisier

Hennessy 99% production sell to export

Low harvest 2015 2016 make a stock disruption

Haut Bagnolet et Pont Neuf for production + stock




LVMH 84M bottles sold in 2016

Pernod Ricard : Martell

Remy Cointreau

Bisquit 9M€ turnover 2018 forecast [Campari from Italy buy it 20 20th December 2017 for 52.2M€ include 33M€ for stocks]

Courvoisier [Beam Suntory Japanese Group]

Gautier [Marie Brizard]

USA 74.1 M bottles eq. in 2016 = 41% Cognac sales

China + Singapour + HK 46,9 M bottles eq. = 26.2%

France 2.5% [!]


China is fond of old qualities or prestigious bottles : XO

USA buy VS quality made of younger eau de vie 


China anti corruption politcy sets up a strong downturn : 24.6 M bottles in 2012 deeps to 14.8 M bottles in 2014.


New cuvées set up for China lower price : Noblige for Martell, Club for Remy Martin sell for 60 to 80€ while XO is 150€. Prestigious cuvée bottles sell for 2.500 TO 3.000€.


Remy Martin develops sales in Africa Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa.



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